Career Coaching and Transitioning

We’ve all been there—working at a job or in an industry that's not fulfilling, waiting for the end of the day, and not sure where to turn next. Perhaps you tolerate your job, but are unsure or fearful of making a change. Or maybe you love your job, but aren't striking balance with your personal life.

MP6 partners with you to make your career dreams become a reality—whether it’s navigating a challenge in your current job or identifying a path to your next one. 

We hold several certifications—including Myers-Briggs®, Leadership Circle 360 Profile, and Global Career Development Facilitator—and we have a special passion for assisting with career transitions and defining career purpose.

Career coaching can help with:

  • Identifying purpose and meaning in your career
  • Transitioning to a new field or career path
  • Enhancing work/life integration and building resiliency
  • Navigating a significant career change, such as workforce re-entry or starting a business
  • Enhancing your skills in your current job to overcome workplace challenges

MP6 treats each individual uniquely—recognizing each person has their own experiences and journey. We hope you start yours with us today.




Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business but weren’t sure where to start?

We’ve gone through the process, and understand the joys and fears associated with taking the leap to being an entrepreneur. We can help you get established—both professionally and emotionally—by:

  • Providing an objective sounding board
  • Helping sort through the various emotions associated with entrepreneurship
  • Holding you accountable for your goals
  • Working with you to figure out what you really want and why it’s important to you
  • Offering support in recognizing your blind spots, embracing your potential, and cheering for your successes
  • Providing referrals to small business services